Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Marathon Training and Weight Loss Update

Okay, so the title today is a bit misleading. Mainly because I haven't actually been doing much training due to the cold weather. I also can't tell you if I've actually lost any weight because I don't own a scale. I know, my marathon goals and weight loss goals are going to be SOOOO easy to keep up with. :-P

However, I do have one way to tell if I'm getting any improvements. My clothes! Half my bottoms I can pull down without unbuttoning them! Huge progress for me! Before this last weekend, I had 3 pairs of jeans that I could wear. A size 14, a size 15, and a 12. :-) the 14 and 12 were from american eagle, and the 15 was some random pair of jeans we found in the juniors section at kohls. Then the 14s started falling down a bit too easily. I'd throw a belt on, and that would help, but it wasn't a great solution. The 12s started to get a little loose as well. loose enough that they were pretty baggy on me about 5 minutes after pulling them out of the dryer. gotta love it! and hate it. it really sucks when clothes dont fit...

so, when my mom was up this past weekend, i got two new pairs of jeans. and i am so excited bevause they were size 10s!!!!! and fit me REALLY well! Okay, one was a size 10. the other was a size L from Fredericks of Hollywood. Who would have guessed that a lingerie store would sell some pretty cute jeans that fit REALLY well???

Marathon training is still on hold for some warmer weather, but I am working on losing weight (so that I can run easier, less bulk to carry around) and I've been working on building strength to help me as well. Hopefully in about a month I'll be able to start training!:-)

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