Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

While I find the actual history of Valentine's Day to be rather gruesome and not something I want to celebrate, I LOVE the greeting card version. Hearts and Flowers and chocolates. All the wonderful things us women love to receive from our husbands. :-)

Hubs and I aren't doing anything special for today. Unfortunately, I work in the church nursery in the mornings watching kids while the women enjoy their bible studies, and he works EVERY Thursday night. So, not a great year for us to celebrate. So we're just doing the card thing this year.

But since I love my husband so dearly, I thought I would post up some photos of us. Some of my favorite pics of us over the years. Hard to believe, but we will have been together for 6 years this august!!

this first one is from our latest trip to Disney World. We took a terrible photo on the dock where we had our first date (well part of it anyway) and showing off the restaurant where we had our reception

This one is from our honeymoon to Disneyland. we really are Disney nerds

From the first time he went to Miami. We didn't want to pay to go to the nicer beaches for a quick walk (since it was chilly) so we went to the free beach that is actually pretty gross, but got a GREAT shot!

So it's Valentine's Day, and my valentine is just about the greatest guy I could have ever asked for. Time for me to go let him know how awesome I think he is :-P

By the way, tomorrow morning I'm going to be writing about the difficulties of finding a sentimental card that is perfect, and how frustrated I got during the search that I wanted to cry. LoL. Don't worry. I didn't.

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