Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Bible Project

At the beginning of the year I started a "read the bible in a year challenge. i may have mentioned this already, but if i haven't, you can find out more about the challenege i am doing here. Its been really great, and though i have fallen a few days behind due to my mother coming into town for a weekend, it has been an amazing experience so far. There's even some awesome bookmarks you can print out. They are super cute, and as much as i love them, they weren't working in my Bible...

I have one of those tiny backpack sized bibles. it fits in almost every purse i own. i also have the bible on my phone, but flipping between books and chapters on it is not as quick as flipping through the actual paper and ink version. i don't remember it having any of those useful ribbon bookmarks, and on this plan, you are reading 4 books at one time. not to mention my bible study reading.

the other day i was looking all over meijer to see if i could find some thin ribbon to use to make into bookmarks for my bible. it was all so thick i knew it would look funny in my small bible. i needed thin ribbon. and i didnt have time to stop at hobby lobby while running my errands. so i just came back home and sat around dreaming of ribbon bookmarks for my bible

then, while getting some thread and a needle to fix some shirts that got holes in them, i found some ribbon. it was probably some of that string that is inside dresses and blouses to help them hang on a hanger better.

but it was thin.

really thin.

perfect thin.

and free. i love free

so i cut it, and held the edges close to a flame so they wouldn't fray.

i then managed to sew them together on one end, and slide them between where the binding and the "pleather" cover had a space between them. i used double sided permanent double mounting tape i bought back when i was trying to be more interested in scrapbooking.

and i must say, i love it. i think it's perfect. i only wish i had a fifth ribbon so that i could mark where i am for my bible study group. maybe i should raid my blouses and dresses to see if i can find some more...

and without further ado, here are the picsof my "handiwork". hopefully this will hold up well :-D

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