Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Decorations 2012

The decorations are up! Well, they have been up. For a while. I posted some pics on Facebook and instagram but I feel like if I don't have the option to write as much about it all on those mediums. Especially when it comes to talking about the decorations :-)

First up, our card display. Usually we would place our cards in the branches on the tree, but this year I felt like we had too many ornaments and not enough tree. So I tried something different. The only problem is that I taped up the string to the wall, and it falls down.. a lot. Since we are in an apartment, I didn't want to put even MORE holes in the wall. I also didn't have the money to buy some command hooks (they aren't expensive but they add up quickly! So, this will have to do for now.

I really like this picture of our tree. I like the way the lights came out. It's our new 7.5 ft tree we got on black friday special for 60 bucks! more than 50% off! It was an excellent deal, if only for one reason

It can change to colored lights! Which makes the hubs VERY happy. I like clear. He likes color. Now we get the best of both worlds. Oh, and they're LED so we save money! That's my FAVORITE!

And our stockings. Which are not hanging any longer. "Santa Hanka" has brought us too many early stocking stuffers and they're too heavy. Since the edge isn't entirely flat the stocking stuffers kind of fall... and they've since broken... Not REALLY noticeable breaks, but breaks. Like the back of mine (the church - I messed up with our stockings and put them on the wrong buildings) the snow is cracked so badly in the back that you can see into the inside of the church... Poor "village" people dont even have any pews to sit on... And hubby's Santa's Workshop... a side of the building is now missing. So it looks like next year we'll be needing new ones...:'-(

and finally... the cats. Our only "kiddies" that we have. So they take center stage. They think they're our presents. :-)

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Katie said...

Love your decorations!!! So cute!!!

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