Saturday, December 22, 2012

Frustrations and Moving On

I'm really terrible about writing stuff on here. I keep thinking I should attempt one of those 30 day challenges... but then I think "it'll take me over a year to finish because I'll keep forgetting!!" Maybe a challenge is what I need to actually get me to use this blog for the purpose it was meant. A place for me to write everything down so I don't constantly pester the hubs with stuff about which he doesn't care.

So that's been one frustration that's been going on...The other has been a bit of a... well, I probably shouldn't talk much about it in case said person who is the cause of the frustration, mostly political, were to mosey on over and find my blog and read it.

Let's just keep it at, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to practice patience and prayer rather than reacting with my gut instinct. NOT EASY!!!!

This holiday season is also a wonderful opportunity for me to practice MOVING ON!! As in, okay, this upset me. Now, let me be like a duck and let it roll off my back. Another thing I'm not so great at...

Through all this I just have to remember that God is blessing me with these challenges and allowing them to happen to me so that I can grow from them. At least that's how I'm TRYING to see them. I believe He lets most things happen (like recent events) because we have free will. If He were to stop everything bad from happening, we would never be able to fully appreciate the good. I love what they said the other week at church. We shouldn't look at all the bad in the world as proof that God doesn't exist. Instead, we should look at all the good that exists in a world with so much bad as proof that He does.

Oh, I also quit my job without having anything serious lined up. So, until I find a new job, we are going to be working very hard at TRUSTING God to provide in ALL things. Going to be a very intense crash course.

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Domestic Goddess said...

I am praying for you! I know those frustrations! lol I am really bad at blogging too. I keep saying I'm going to do something and then I let it go. I need a plan and need to take the time to do it. We are a one income family and sometimes it's really hard, but God always provides. One example...We had enough money to pay the bills, I planned out the meals so I was good with groceries. I looked at my hubby and said we will just have to be careful with the toilet paper until we get another pay. The next day he called me from the job site. Friends of ours knew we were struggling. Her son worked at a factory that made paper products. She stopped at the job site and threw a 20 roll pack of toilet paper in his truck and said her son brought home too much and she figured with four kids we could use it! I laughed so hard. God KNOWS and meets every need!

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