Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Turning 25 and Election Day

Yesterday was my birthday. It was also election day in this great country where I live. So, while this may seem a bit selfish, I HATE when my birthday falls on election day. Although, I would hate it if my birthday fell on Thanksgiving a bit more, so I guess I'm glad I was born 3 weeks before my due date :-).

So, I hate when my birthday falls on an election day. Thankfully, hubs and I planned on being out of town on my birthday (though it didnt happen) so we did absentee ballots and voted early so we didn't have to do it on my birthday. Unfortunately, Michigan doesn't do early voting, so it was our only option.

Hubs went out of his way to make my days special, went with me looking to see if we could find any ps3 systems and how much I need to save to buy one. He also played some video games with me for a short while, something he usually isn't too fond of doing, so it meant a lot.

Unfortunately, we still had to deal with all the election drama, and hubs and I are .... a bit different when it comes to politics. Not that we don't agree on WHAT should be done, just not always on HOW it should be done. I'm extremely moderate. I like a few things about all sides of the political spectrum, and hubs is staunchly democrat. So, he was very happy Obama won last night. I went to bed and slept to find out this morning. Why? I voted. I did my part. Everyone who voted did theirs. After that, it's just a matter of letting the voices/votes of the people be heard. I can't change it, and any speeches I miss, I can watch online later.

Plus, I was super tired!

Yes, I value my sleep and health more.

Not to mention that neither candidate is going to change anything for my hubs and I. We live in that pocket of society, where you're above the poverty level, but because of school and no public transportation in our area, we have too many bills to really save very much or even afford healthy balanced meals for every day of the week. We are in the small sector of society where it won't matter who is in office, we are still gonna have to forge on, and pray that things continue working out.

So my thoughts on the election, it's over. Obama won. While he wasn't my first choice, I knew it was going to happen, so there's really nothing to be surprised about. Other than that, I just celebrated turning a quarter of a century old, and I have so much to be thankful for, as we continue on with the calendar towards thanksgiving.

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Katie said...

I know I told you this already like a bajillion times before. buuuuuuttt


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