Monday, May 28, 2012

Smash 48

Last weekend, May18-20, I got to be a part of a wonderful experience. Since moving to MI, the hubs and I have been attending a church called Kensington. It's been interesting, and VERY different from what I am used to and what I am usually comfortable with when it comes to church. I'm a pretty conservative gal over all. So, while the 80s dance and everyone wearing tights with mini skirts and high heels sort of threw me for a little loop, it was overall an incredible experience. I even managed to get over a few of my fears!! Though not entirely :-P

While there were a lot of things going on, I loved that they took the time to place these little cards all over. Some had quotes, others had various scripture. They were on doors, in bathroom stalls, and in a bunch of other places. There was always a chance to be encouraged by God's Word while there. This one really spoke to me a lot while there, mainly because of the health concerns my husband and I have been facing this past year.

Then there were all the random pics I took of just nature. I find it hard for anyone to say there is not a God when they see the beauty of nature all around them! It always touches my heart and makes me sit back in awe and wonder at the world that my heavenly father created for all of us. How much detail was lovingly put into EVERYTHING. It seriously blows my mind :-)

My small group ladies and I stayed in this cabin, which was a great experience. It was hot and cold and we were all on top of one another, but it was a wonderful bonding experience, and we even got to meet some laies that were not in our small group and spend some time getting to know them. I hope they decide to join us in our group and we get to continue our walks with God together for a while longer. As long as He allows.

This is just a picture of a picture they took of me. It was part of an exercise they had us do at the end of the weekend and was really an emotional time for me. But I liked the way my picture came out, which is VERY rare for me. I usually hate the way I look in pictures.

Then there are the pics that one of the other girls took. The ones of my conquering some of my fears... Mainly my fear of heights. Which isn't really of heights. It's more of falling. And not even the feeling of falling (I LOVE TOWER OF TERROR!!!) but rather the fear of going splat at the end of the fall. the fear of a painful death or painful serious injury. So it took a lot more me to do these activities, but I am so glad I did. Please ignore the tight clothes and strappy top. It was a women's retreat and VERY hot. I did yoga after these activities too so I needed to make sure I had on something I could do a lot of stretched in and not worry about them not being "appropriate." I seriously think workout clothes are the hardest to make modest and feminine.

This first is me getting ready to go what they called the "Solo Challenge." More like a so-high challenge in my book. I don't do well in situations where I feel like I will fall. I have a hard time in certain ferris wheels (though i LOVE going on them). So, I got all suited up to basically climb a 20 ft telephone pole. Not sure what I was thinking...

About halfway up I told them I was done. I couldn't go any further. Then they told me that I had to. There was no safe way to get me down unless I could get myself into a seated position on the top of the pole. Note to self:Never believe anyone who says you can just "try" to climb a pole. You HAVE to climb it. Well, I obviously made it to the top, into a seated position and was absolutely terrified. I'm not exactly a thin little girl and my bottom is as wide as that pole. So, sitting was NOT easy. Let alone sitting and then turning around so that I could face the person with the belay.

After, I decided to go rock climbing. Why? I'm a glutton for punishment. This was actually fun however, and not torture. But it was more of a workout than I expected and I could only make it about halfway before I got tired out and was nervous about not being able to move. So I came down.

I also managed a trip on the zip line, and that was so wonderful and amazing. I'm so thankful my hubs basically ordered me to go on this retreat!!

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