Monday, March 26, 2012

Modest Mondays

So I've been really bad about updating my blog... I think it's because when I'm in the basement (where my computer and thus all my blogging ability sits) I just want to ESCAPE the feeling that I'm in a basement. Usually, this results in my playing sims3, watching tv, or both! Oh, and doing laundry, and a minor amount of cleaning. I do not like being in the basement. It's dark, and while we have taken great pains to try making it a little cozier, it will never really be a home. Luckily, we only have about two more weeks of ACTUALLY living in the basement. In 2 weeks we will be sleeping and cooking, and reading, and writing and doing everything all in the comfort of our own apartment!

Well, on to the main event:Modest Mondays!!


So here is a little bit of a quick catch up of the last few weeks I haven't posted:


I had this one, but then I remembered we were heading to IKEA after church. I have a problem whenever we head there... i LOVE jumping/flopping onto their beds. So, I switched into a pair of jeans. I do wear jeans. I think they can be modest, but it all depends on the cut, and how that cut fits your body.


In this picture, I'm wearing Hipster Jeans from American Eagle. I got them at an outlet, and I have not seen them ever again. They fit like trouser jeans, so they aren't tight, but still look pretty. *sigh* I seriously hate the skinny jean trend. The only reason to ever wear a skinny jean is under a tunic with boots :-( But, most tops that you can wear with jeans, you can wear with a skirt! Well... most. Some simply do NOT work with skirts without looking really frumpy.

This last one is something I wore to work. I tend to wear my boots to work a lot... I have to figure out what to wear now that its starting to warm up a little. Wear the boots and sweat? Or find more flats and heels that look nice with knee length skirts?


And of course, I was unable to rotate that last pic. :-( rotated it in my folder, uploaded it to flickr, and it was sideways... *sigh*.. oh well...



Caroline @ The Modest Mom said...

Thanks for linking up! I love the first skirt you have on, very cute!!

Rebecca Wilgus said...

Thanks, I picked it up at Old Navy one summer. It was in the clearance rack, so I think I spent about 15 bucks. Not too bad :-)

I've been moving away from jeans a lot lately, and pants in general, but my husband likes when I throw them in the mix, so I still wear them, as long as they aren't too tight/show too much of my figure

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