Monday, April 9, 2012

New Home!

Well, we are officially living in our new apartment. As wonderful as being on our own again is, the apartment still looks like a tornado has hit. Lol. We have boxes and other times all over the place, and not enough money to have all the bookshelves and movie shelves that we need to hold our stuff. Thankfully, we have plenty of closet space to store most of those pesky items for now :-)

No pictures until we at least hide the boxes in closets. :-) But at least it's getting done! Slowly but surely. I think both of us have just been feeling so burned out with work and then adding the move on top of it all, we are just exhausted. So the only thing that has really gotten put together has been the kitchen, and mostly the bathroom. Well, at least te bathroom is usable.

I seriously think the only thing we have set exactly how it's going to be while we live here is the TV lol. The first thing Chris did, was go out and rent some DVDs. So we got to watch the Muppets and Hugo. We both loved the Muppets, but weren't really all that happy with Hugo. After all the awards and accolades the movie received, I guess we were just hoping for something a bit... Different?? To be fair, we hadn't read the book, or known anything about the plot line. Which could be a huge part in why we were disappointed.

The worst of it all was at the beginning of Hugo, the first trailer to play when we put the DVD in (well at least the first one I saw) was for Titanic. I always thought the movie it self was great. Mainly because you took a script, where if you literally read it alone without actors, really isn't that great, it's borderline boring and awful, and then add some pretty amazing music, phenomenal acting, and beautiful set and costume design. Top it all off with great directing, and the movie turns out to be pretty awesome! For the most part, the movie doesnt get to me. I love the costumes and sets and I think it's beautifully done, but the story of rose and jack and whatever his name is just doesn't interest me all that much. In fact, the part that really gets to me is not any of the classic scenes that everyone thinks of when they picture Titanic. No. My mind goes to the scenes of the film where people come to terms with the fact that they will not survive the sinking of the ship. Or where they realize there is no hope for their love ones. It's the scene where the mother reads her children to sleep, because she knows there is no hope for any of them to survive. It's the elderly couple, who lies together in bed holding hands, as water is flooding their small cabin. It's the images I picture after hearing that the reason the Titanic sank the way it did (almost straight up and down) could possibly mean that the workers down in the engine rooms were probably working until their very last breaths, trying to keep the ship level enough to send the lifeboats down. I tear up at just the thought, and actually cries during the rest of the trailers. Hubby had to actually hold me for part of it I was so upset. It's emotional for me. I can't imagine being in that sort of situation. I refuse to watch Sophie's choice because I don't want to even think about that sort of situation happening. I get all choked up and can't breathe.

I'd like to see the movie in 3D if we can find the money. Mainly because I think it would be amazing to watch on the big screen again, and mostly for the costumes and sets. :-) Not because I feel the need to cry like crazy.

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