Sunday, March 11, 2012

Great, Great News!!

Ah an old saying from my step moms family. I forget when it was first said, but remember it was one of my step cousins. Anyway, I'm using it because hubby and I just got really REALLY great news!!!


We found an apartment that we can afford and will no longer be living in a basement!! Hooray! I'm just so thrilled and can't wait to start packing everything up and get the keys so we can get everything over there and start setting it all up. I simply can't wait to once again create our home.

The other reason I'm excited about this is because we now have to buy we furniture!! Yay for having sold
Most of the large pieces before moving and getting to redecorate from almost scratch. We still have the weird colored slate blue sofa. But we are thinking of getting a tan/beige slipcover for it. Neither of us really wants to get rid of it cuz its just so darn comfy. We just don't really like the color very much anymore. Though it truly is a perfect color for us. Just preferably on a wall. Or a blanket. Not an entire couch and chair.

So other than that one piece of good news, there's really nothing else going on. Other than the usual working and reading and watching tv

I'm currently reading two books. One I'm reading more as a devotional. It's Debi Perls Created to be his Helpmeet. I have to say that I live it so far. Especially comparing it to The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. I find it reads more like a coffee shop conversation, and less like a religious studies text. While there was much value and wonderful advice it's Peace's book, I'm loving this one just a bit more. Okay. So far it's a lot more. Lol.

In other news, I'm super guilty of loving rom coms as much as the next girl. I'm still trying to figure out why we women love movies in which the woman makes her choice to marry one man (and yes we all know he is the wrong one) only to call of the engagement or the wedding at the last possible minute for the adorable foo everyone wanted her to be with in the first place. I sometimes wonder, doesn't this go against the ideals of marriage and what choosing the one person to marry is all about? But maybe it's just me.

I write. As I watch a movie in which this exact plot happens :-)

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