Monday, February 27, 2012

Modest Mondays!!

Once again it's Monday!! And that means that Carolina over at The Modest Momis having her "Modest Mondays" link up!! Always full of great ideas and tips! I love Mondays! I also don't work on Monday so it's another good reason to love them!

so I didnt really have a very good picture for this week... But here goes

I wore this on Friday to work. Simple and comfortable, yet nice enough for the "office".

I also found this really great tip too! A general way to judge whether or not a shirt may be too low is to lay your thumb across your collarbone. Your shirt should come up to at least your pinky. I tried it out on myself and it mostly works. If my collar is above that pinky line I dont have to worry about it bing too low if I bend over or move a certain way!! Now, everyone is different and this tip isn't just a one size fits all. Modest varies a lot by body type. What may look modest on my friend Neola (same height but around 50 pounds lighter and a size 1 compared to my size 14) will usually NOT look modest on me. We simply have different builds. Shorts on her will be adorable, and same style on me... Well let's just say I'll be getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons :-)

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