Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finding Storage in Our Basement Corner

Oure current living situation has forced us to get creative. There is simply too much stuff we tend to use on a regular basis and simply not enough room for everything. So we have had to get a little creative. There is still not enough space, but I'm working on solutions. It's just a little harder than I thought it would be. Yet, I know I have friends who are curious to see how things look and always sound apalled when I tell them we are living in the basement, and that not all of the basement is finished.

First off, the desk hubby's parents had down here is doing double duty as a desk and a small cupboard. Very dorm style :-D We have some pasta and ramen noodles up there. We tend to eat most of our meals with his parents, and his mother does all the cooking. We have stuff down here simply because sometimes we may not want to eat what his mother has made, or his mom and dad go out to dinner and we have to fend for ourselves. Not to mention the fact that we do have to make lunches for ourselves to take to work most days. So we have all that stuff in the cabinetry of the desk.

In order to keep this organized I used a box of chocolates hubby got from his coworkers at Christmas. Cut some of the edges off so that it would stand flat, and we used it in the right side for storage. we have medicine on one side, and spiced on the other with a plastic tub in the middle to hold the extra items. With the limited space, it actually turned out better than I thought. On the left side, I just stacked the things we use more often (like nutella) on top of things I dont tend to use that often. Everything is accessible, just a little cramped.

The fridge situation isn't all that great. Mostly because the location makes it difficult to get in and out. We are thinking of moving it to the left of the desk instead of the right. That might make it easier to keep drinks in and not forget about them... We'll have to see! I have been really trying to channel dorm rooms and how I remember storing things in college (ie microwave on top of fridge) to save space and keep everything neat. Right now I'm looking for a cheap microwave cart so I can bring our toaster oven down here, and also it will help by adding a little more storage. I'm hoping I can find one.

The part that needs the most work right now is the closet. We have a small wardrobe that really doesn't hold very much(and the doors can't really be opened because it's partially blocked by a wall) and so we are using the metal bar/beam that runs the length of the basement to hang out clothes. Underneath our clothes, we are keeping our shoes and a box of more summery clothes. It's unfortunately very messy and it's very visible. The bedroom has no closet, so I'm still trying to figure out some ideas to make this a little less disaster zone looking. There's no wall behind our clothes, and we like them there because it creates a slight wall between our side of the basment and the other side where his parents have storage, food and the washer/dryer. I'm just trying to think of ways that we can make it look a little better and maybe even block off the view to the other side of the basement? I'm open to suggestions!!

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