Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Vacation

So back in May, the hubby and I were a bit busy with our families being in town for vacation. First my mom was in town, then towards the end of her trip in town, we had Chris's family fly in for some Florida sunshine. While, it was a blast to be able to spend time with everyone, it was a very hectic time, and I honestly don't think either of us has truly recovered from the busy-ness of it all. Not to mention, this is the trip where his sister got engaged!!

So I managed to get some pretty decent pics of the family while they were in town!

First up was my family. We were joined by our good family friends, and had a bunch of fun goofing around and just plain old having fun!

When we saw Winnie the Pooh, it was during Star Wars weekends, which made the lines for none star wars characters surprisingly short!

When the hubby's family arrived we got to spend some special time with our niece. This picture has my brother, my hubby, and our little niece (his brother's daughter)

Out of the whole trip, which was a lot of eating and spending time with our niece, I made a lot of great memories. I think my favorite memory would have to be playing at the Cinderella fountain with my niece.

I think this last one has got to be my favorite picture of her from the entire trip. She was just so happy and giggly at this moment.

I sometimes wish we could be around our families more often. I'm just praying that if that were the case, God would open the doors, and possibly my husbands eyes. Unfortunately, every time we have tried to move to be closer to family (either mine or his) things seem to pop up and stop that from happening. Or he can't find a job or just whatever the case may be for that particular time. Oh well, maybe in a few years we will get out if this horrible heat, and into a cooler climate :-)

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