Saturday, July 30, 2011

First Time For Everything

The first time I ever dyed anything, I was probably about 5 or so, and we were making tie dye t-shirts to go on what we called a "field trip." This was back when my mother's best friend watched me, my brother, and two other kids - another boy and another girl - in addition to her oldest daughter. However, I didn't really do very much except dip my white t-shirt into the water after she had prepared everything and tied rubber bands around my shirt to create a circle effect. I don't really remember the process very well, and wasn't really a part of the process of it all except for the picking of colors and taking my turn dipping the shirt in. So, flash forward about 18 years, and here I am, attempting to dye a skirt that had gotten discolored somehow in the wash...

The skirt itself isn't really that great of a skirt. It was actually just a random buy at goodwill one day as I was looking for skirts to wear. I kinda liked it's design, and so even though it wasn't really something I LOVED, I though it cute enough to buy. I only really wore it a handful of times, as olive green khaki is not a color I really like, and it honestly only went with maybe a handful of my tops.

This picture of my and my friend is probably the best picture of it that I have! I really didn't wear it all that often.

So one day, after washing it, I realized that it was completely discolored along a section of the back! I was a bit upset, though I don't really know why. Then I got the brilliant idea to just DYE MY SKIRT! I didn't really care for the color, so it's not like I would be upset about losing an olive green skirt.

Unfortunately, this was many months ago, and I only just yesterday got around to actually buying a box of RIT dye. In denim blue.

Hopefully this turns out well, since I have NEVER done this before. But, there is a first time for everything!

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