Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kosher Nation by Sue Fishkoff (in progress)

So in between my usual fiction reading, I'm opting to read a non-fiction work. I just started it this morning, and I find it fascinating to read so far. It's about kosher food thats out in the market and how eating kosher is no longer something taboo and has become universally accepted, as well as vegans and organic eating...

I myself have always eaten in a somewhat kosher style, so I find it interesting finding about why people eat kosher (beyond the biblical reasons) and the lengths to which companies are willing to go in order to be certified as kosher. As soon as I read more I will be posting some more information I have learned from this book.

But they do mention this commercial, so I thought I would share it. Its been running since about 1972 and ran on and off for several decades.

Okay, and one last thing from the book. I'm going to quote a passage I thought very interesting.

"In the Garden of Eden, Adame and Eve enjoyed a purely vegetarian diet, feasting upon the bounty of the earth and the fruit of the trees. They took their diet with them when they were expelled from Eden for eating from the Tree of Knowledge - a dietary transgression that changed the course of human history. It was only after the world was destroyed in a great flood that God permitted Noah and his descendnts to eat meat, and then only grudgingly, in recognition of the human lust for flesh. But God specified in Genesis 9:4 that only the flesh of an animal was permitted, not the blood, which contained its soul." (p.11 - and yes I know I'm not following proper procedure for quoting, but since I'm only talking about the one book I thought it ould be pretty evident.)


Neola said...

That's sort of interesting. Wonder if I can download that book off The Pirate Bay. Been doing some serious reading and soul-searching trying to figure what is really best for my soul...and stomach. :P

Rebecca said...

Just be warned, eating kosher also means no pig. EVER lol. and you arent supposed to mix dairy and meats of any kind together.

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