Friday, April 8, 2011

Pesach (Passover)

I always find it funny how we subconsciously think of things. For instance, Passover is coming!!! I wrote my memory lane post about my passover lunches without even realizing this! I stopped celebrating Passover years ago since I would have been the only one in my family celebrating. However, to this day I am still the only member of my family that consciously keeps any sort of kosher style eating habits.

My last two years of college however, I was focusing half my classes on my Judaic Studies minor and all the holidays were always celebrated and looked at. So they became a part of my life again, evne though I didn't celebrate.

So when my friend posted this video on facebook, and it wished a Happy Pesach to everyone, it dawned on me... It's getting close to Passover!!!! My calendar says Passover still has another week to arrive but, even so, I love how God reminds me of little things like that through memories or random bits of information that pop in my head.

So without further ado, the video that reminded my of Pesach. Oh! I'll probably write a post about Pesach at another time. Mainly because I find it so interesting. Although I think Purim might be my favorite.

1 comment:

Neola said...

That video was hilarious, gonna have to check out the website that created it now. XD

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