Sunday, February 8, 2015

Running Update

Long time since I have posted ANYTHING. 

So here is a quick update 

After our first half marathon, we decided to do roughly a run a month for the year 2014. TONS of fun :-)

We started off 2015 by heading back home to Orlando to run in the Walt Disney World runDisney event, which was AMAZING. our goal this year is to run in Disney's coast to coast challenge. 

Other than running, life has been decently depressing. July we tried our first round of IUI. Big failure. But we had figured it wouldn't work the first time. Unfortunately, days after finding out we had to go to sister in laws baby shower. 

We tried again in September. Another failure. We celebrated four years of marriage once again knowing our family was not growing any larger. 

Then the holidays came, and the joy held a bitter sweetness. We celebrate with my husbands family because we live near them, and we are the only ones without a human child (we have fur babies but no one else seems to want to count them). 

So we rang in the new year, and celebrated 4 years of heart wrenching infertility. I guess that's why I haven't written in over a year. There's just been so much heartache for us, and I HATE sharing only bad things. 

So, onto some good things!!

Last March we moved into my in laws basement. Mostly to save money for those expensive fertility treatments, but also so that we could pick up and move when Chris graduated and got a new job. Good news, Chris is about a month and a half away from graduating. We are praying that he will get a new job in this new field within the next two months, and then we can move out of the basement late April, or May. 

Once that happens, we plan on looking into the adoption process. Figuring out what we need to do, where we need to get our finances, etc. Maybe I'll blog more about it all. I'll have to see how I feel this coming year. 

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