Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Running Partners

I have been thinking a lot lately about the changes in my life.
Over the last year or so I have moved across the country, started attending and gotten involved with a new church (very different from what this girl grew up with mind you) and started finding out a whole bunch of stuff involving my health and our journey with all this crazy infertility stress.
Then this year started... My husband got his health straightened out and decided he needed to run a marathon with our church. You can read more about that here. So, we started. And through the soreness, aching muscles and intense pain, we pushed. We kept pushing. Through the sweat, the tears, and the occasional issues with sugar levels and getting dizzy (me not hubs) we persevered.
Then I realized something.
I HATE the feeling of rest days. I get antsy. Anxious. I want to MOVE. I want to RUN.
Seriously. When did this happen? When did I actually start to enjoy running?
I mean, i USED to like running. when I had to run the mile in PE class. Pushing myself to get faster, better times. Pushing myself to beat all the guys. All of a sudden, I’m feeling that same energy again. That same push to keep me going.
I’m also enjoying learning about myself. ABout my body. How far I can push myself. I have learned that while I wanna give up around the halfway point and need encouragement to get going, I’m finding that the last portion of the run gets me wanting to push farther and faster. I want to get back to the car and to my water bottle. Hubs, has a different problem. He enjoys the whole thing. Around the halfway point is where he is still feeling great, and encourages me. But when we hit the last portion - the one where I feel excited and pumped, That’s when he need the encouragement to keep pushing through.
It’s one of the great things about having a running partner. :-) They encourage you and support you when you feel your worst.
I guess this just means that I have one more reason to love my husband for being my running partner. He pushes me to do better and go farther.

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