Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weight Loss, Being Hispanic, and Shorts

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go see my family in Miami. It was a really great time, and I got to swimming which was definitely a ton of fun. (Made even more fun by the fact that I found a tankini that I REALLY like, and feel plenty covered in). My mom and I got to spend a lot of time together, and I got to see my brother, and spend some time with my dad and step mom as well.

Though I did notice a few things this weekend...

First, I noticed how much weight I have actually managed to shave off. For almost a year now I have been wavering between 175-180. Usually closer to 175, but still much more than my not quite 5'4" frame should be carrying. So I have been trying to lose weight, but not just weight, fat. I really want to lose the fat. I could lose weight, but still not have the athletic body I always had growing up. So for me, it's not just been about toning, but also about feeling better about myself when I look in the mirror. I knew looking in the mirror I felt better but I never realized just how much weight and fat I had actually lost until last weekend.

For starters, I got on the scale and it was consistently 170. I don't have a scale at home so I dont get to weigh myself regularly. I also found that I was comfortably fitting into size 12 bottoms. Not everywhere, but often enough. I'm still in a 14 (at least i felt comfortable) at American Eagle, and if I shop in the Jrs dept(which I'm finally able to do again, I wear a 15. Still, the fact i can get in them is HUGE for me.

Second, I noticed a trend in my family, and I realized just how much my eating habits have changed. Everyone eats large portions. I honestly think this is a hispanic thing. I know when it comes to cooking, even just for my husband, I have the tendency to cook a large amount. I've been better about cutting back, but even so, it's still something I have to watch. Well, we ate out a lot, because, well, my mom isnt really that into cooking, and because there wasnt much to eat at the house. Typical for my family. We have a few basics and staples to throw a meal together, but don't often cook at home. So we would go out to eat. One day we went to Chipotle for lunch. It was me my mom and my brother. My brother got a burrito, and finished it. My mom got a burrito bowl, and finished it...Me?I got a burrito bowl and barely ate half. I was full. I could tell I didnt need to eat anymore and I stopped. Then my brother started making fun of me. Saying stuff like "you barely ate" or "what a waste, you didnt finish your food." Now, this doesnt bother me. I know I have said it to people in the past. I tell it to my niece quote often (she is underweight for her age and height) but I can't recall it ever being told me!!! And then it made me realize just how much a part of Latin culture eating large amounts of food is! No wonder it's so hard to lose weight when you were raised to eat large amounts of beans and rice!!!

So, despite all my upbringing, I have managed to lose weight. One thing I have been searching for recently is shorts. I dont care for the super short shorts people are wearing now. I prefer my shorts to flare a little at the bottom and come at least 2 inches below my bottom. Immodest by some standards, and on some body types. Heck, a few months ago I would have said they would be immodest on me. Why? No it's not because my views on modesty have changed. It's actually because the shape of my body has changed. As part of my workout I have been doing a lot leg lefts and exercises to work on my thighs. Keeping them trim. So now, when I put on a pair of shorts they arent sticking to me, hugging my butt like they they did before. They now dont hug and are just regular shorts on me. When I say regular I think back to the 90s and the shorts I wore then. They were "short" as in only 2 or 3 so inches below my butt. Not short as in my butt is hanging out. I still prefer capris, and find them more modest, but not always practical. Sometimes, these shorter shorts are just more practical. Like when it's extremely hot out and capris are just too long and sticky, and a skirt would just cause too much chafing.

Am I going back on something I said previously? Maybe. I don't know. I still love skirts in the summer because on average they are cooler than most other things. I prefer capris over shorts cuz frankly, I'm more comfortable when I'm more covered. Yet, am i finding anything WRONG with the shorts? No. Why? it's about body type and body shape and how something looks on YOU. I've said before that I have a friend who can wear things that I never could because of her body shape. She's a tiny petite little thing and I will NEVER be like that. I've never been like that. So I have to wear what looks good, feels comfortable, and is modest on my body.

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