Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally Getting to the Doctor

After dealing with everything that has been going on with the hub's health, we finally got back around to making sure that i am healthy. Mainly, that my hormone levels and everything are normal. Why? Well, it's a bit of a long story...

I have a very irregular cycle.

I have for as long as I can't remember

The only times I was ever regular was while on the pill, and I tried so many different ones over the years, I couldn't even tell you what their names are. The primary reason for taking them was NOT birth control, but rather to regulate my monthly little "friend." Sometimes they would stop working, or the side effects were not ones I wanted to deal with, and my docs and I would change it up and try something else.

When hubs and I got married, we thought it would be a good idea for me to get off the pill. We didn't really care to start trying for kids right away, but we wanted to make sure my health and my body got back onto it's own natural track. So after the honeymoon I had my last pill induced "friendly visit" and then went along my merry way. Everything was fine for a few months. I "friend" would visit every 5 weeks - a bit longer than normal but still regular enough that there wasnt concern.

Then i missed a month. okay, no big. it's happened before.

Then another

Than another

I missed 5 months total, was getting negative for pregnancy tests, and only had one in the end because I went to see my OBGYN

So I started my testing, and then hubby got sick, and was in the hospital for a week. With everything that happened it was too costly and we just didn't have the money to get my health looked at any longer.

So I didn't.

Then we moved to Michigan.

Then we got everything with hubby sorted out

So i finally went back to the doc to figure everything out

From the very beginning we were told it could be PCOS. So i researched everything I could on it to understand it a little better. It wasn't anything scary, just could be expensive. We live on a very tight budget, and everything I'm reading is basically telling me that the best thing I can do is eat and all natural diet, stay away from all the processed junk and sugar.

I think the money part of it all scares me more than anything else. That, and hubs won't eat anything that is "whole" or "natural" or comes straight from the ground. Well, there are very few things he will eat. Which means we will have to buy two completely different sets of groceries. Something we can't easily afford. So I've been trying to look into ways to do that. Praying about it. So far, I'm finding places that I can buy veggies without too much cost, but it's not just the veggies, but trying to learn a completely different way of making meals!

So, I finally got my tests done, and went to the reproductive endocrinologist.

He wasn't quite ready to diagnose me. He said we needed to get my hormones into balance. Great.

Then proceeded to tell me what confused me. He started to say that my only two options were to either take fertility drugs that would get me onto an ovulation schedule, so that I would be regular, or that I needed to get back on the pill.

  1. How did we get from talking about regulating and getting my hormones under control to birth control being my only option unless we want to have kids?
  2. How do I even go about making a decision like that when we have decided to leave that sort of stuff to God?
  3. .....

Hold on...Okay, so while writing this I got some new information

Well, after basically being given two choices, we have to sit and pray and figure out what is best. Can I say that this is NOT cool?

So now, I'm debating. Debating about whether or not we should try NOW, or go back on the pill. Debating whether or not we should seek a second opinion. Maybe someone who can better explain everything to me rather than just tell me two options.

And then, in the middle of my praying about this (which has been an all day ongoing thing), my husband comes to me and tells me that he thinks we should take the fertility route, and just see what happens by doing that.

Thanks baby, for making the choice for me and for us. I would never have been able to do it alone


Neola said...

Hoping things work out for you Hun. As about the two separate groceries thing I could put you in touch with my other friend with Celiacs because most perservatives have gluten in them and well her boyfriend is a fussy eater so she essentially buys different groceries and cooks two different meals.

Katie P. said...

Scary stuff! I agree about leaving children and getting pregnant up to God. Well I've explained what Michael and I are doing at the moment. Just from this post I think Chris is right in choosing the fertility drugs.

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