Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Piggy Bank for Our Goals

So I saw this idea on... pinterest maybe? I can't remember but the idea is a fabulous one. You take a shadow box and somehow create a whole in the top to make it a piggy bank!!! I had to have one!!! So as my hubby is watching The Voice I took some pictures of his handy work to post up here as I talk about how much i love my new piggy bank :-P

First off, I just picked up a regular shadow box at a local arts and craft store. Then I made hubby do the hard part. Somehow create a hole through which we can place our coins. While he did that, I searched for pretty Thomas Kinkade pictures of houses....

So while he did that, I prepared the background for the shadow box. This background is what we will be saving for. In our case, this is a house. We want to buy some sort of house and are hoping to get some money together for that. We even have a special savings account for it. But we wanted to save up our change and then deposit it into our special when we get a bunch. SO I found a Thomas Kinkade picture I liked, printed it out, and placed it as the background of our shadow box.

Then I put all our coins in and we are ready to start saving!!! I'm so pleased with how this came out and I'm excited to start using it because it reminds us of our goal!!

And please ignore my hubby's beer in the background :-)

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Domestic Goddess said...

I love it! I may even borrow your idea! My Hubby is really good at saving his change. I have to say when the economy fell, we used change. We paid our health insurance, bought groceries, and put gas in the car. I didn't realize how much money all that loose change added up to be! What a very creative way to stay focused on your goal!

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