Friday, February 3, 2012

Life, Interrupted

I've said it before, I'll say it again, life has been hectic. Lately it feels that every time we start to make some head way into things, something comes up that puts everything on hold. I'm thinking maybe we just aren't trusting God enough and are trying to plan our lives a bit too much,and not letting Him be truly in control. Trying to plan our future to much when in reality, who knows what the future is really going to hold except God? Anyways...

We found a great deal on an apartment we liked. It wasn't anything big or nice, but it would work, and it would get us out of the basement in Hubby's parent's house. we would be able to have a place that's truly our own again. So we sat down to talk about our budgeting needs, and things we knew would be coming up, and then we remembered... the dreaded CT scan and the annoyance we've been having with the health insurance company. For whatever reason, they haven't sent Hubby his new card, and that has been causing a whole slew of problems when he goes to the doctor. So last time he went to the doctor, they said he had no insurance. Just what every person wants to hear after seeing a specialist. So we've been back and forth with them for about a month now. They say he has insurance. Doctors office says no. We call insurance, they can't explain it. So with a CT Scan looming in the future, it doesn't look like we can take advantage of the great deal we found. I'm sure there is a reason for it. I'm bummed out of course. But I'm hopeful.

So know we are back to figuring out what to do about our little corner of the basement, and simply needing some more space to live in. Or at least our own bathroom and kitchen. But life keeps getting in the way of our plans. Is this good? Is it bad? I don't know. I'm sure God is leading us through all this though, and even though I get so frustrated that at times I want to yank my hair out (such as the even that caused our recent round of apartment hunting) I'm learning a lot about patience. Been praying for patience, and the biggest test of patience has finally arrived...Should have known it would be like this when I prayed for patience.

My mom has a phrase that she always uses, and while it drives my brother and I crazy, I find myself often repeating it too. Whenever we have kids, I'll probably drive them crazy too by saying it all the time

Just take this is a learning experience.
It's nothing profound or incredibly brilliant. But it's true. Everything in life is a learning experience. Life's interruptions into our plans are also learning experiences. I'm learning to be patient and to hold my tongue (the latter being a lot hard than it seemed for Jo in Little Women. But like Jo, I have an Author in my life directing me where to go and helping me along my story of life. I just have to pray and study and see where He is leading me...

Right now, I feel led to be better about cleaning and doing my housework and taking care of all that. Think I may go check out some of my favorite housekeeping blogs later tonight when I get home from work. By the way - and totally off topic - I managed to reference two Winona Ryder movies. Though for the latter reference, I much preferred the book to the movie.

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