Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Modest Outfits

So I realized I talk a lot about modesty, but never really show anything that I wear as I try to dress in a modest style that isn't too frumpy! So here I go...

First up, I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. It really isn't anything special, and the pose and expression on my face probably dont help it much. I was trying to take the picture while my husband was in the fitting room at Marshalls so it wasn't the best place to really do it.

This second picture came out much better because I was able to ask Hubby to take the picture in the kitchen of my MILs house. It's where we are living right now.

I think this picture came out a lot better because I wasn't trying to take it of myself in a crowded area. I'm also very pleased with the deal I got on the skirt. Ten bucks in clearance at Kohls!! I love good finds!

In other news, Hubby got a job!!!! He has been loving it! I'm so proud of him, and happy for him. Guys just don't seem to handle being at home all day every day very well. But he feels better now that he has a job, and I feel better knowing we aren't going to be trying to pay all our bills with only my part-time income! Funny thing is, it is at a place he mentioned to me before, and when he told me, I thought God was leading him into that position... It's a store that sells educational supplies to teachers, parents, and even homeschoolers!

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