Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Finally Made It

Well, we are finally done with probably the most stressful move I have done in my life. I've moved a lot, but never as quickly as we did for this move. Or as disorganized. I think this was probably my most disorganized move ever. It was also the most tiring. I have never consciously gone through a cross country move. Sure, when I was a baby my parents moved me from New Jersey to Florida, but I was in no way an active participant in that move. So, moving across country, with a budget truck, a car, and two cats was not exactly something I was prepared for. In any way. All in all, I think we all came out of it unscathed, but VERY exhausted.

Let's just say it was a LONG few days of packing...

Everything was going along fine, until our tiny apartment filled with too many boxes and we had nowhere to put them. I then lost all ability to function as everything felt like it was EVERYWHERE. So i kept trying to do what I could, and move on. We were also both working until pretty much the day before we got the moving truck. So add that into the mix of having 3 weeks to pack for a cross country trip and you pretty much have chaos. Then, things got a bit worse. Friday morning we picked up our moving truck. The place we went to was not anything I was used to. Normally, I had gotten uhauls at big facilities meant for renting moving trucsks. This one, was a lady's house where she and her family basically had a franchise where they rented Budget trucks, while also selling and leasing RV and trailer homes. Then, that process took a lot longer than we expected. Well, once we got it back to our apartment, my husband had to load some items real quick and take them to a friend that was buying them. That short trip that should usually take about an hour and fifteen minutes, took about 2 hours. Meanwhile, me and all the people we invited to help us pack the truck up were sitting around.... waiting.... for the hubby to return.

Well we packed up almost everything into the truck that afternoon and into the evening. Unfortunately, we still have to prime the bathroom and bedroom in the apartment, and pack up all the loose odds and ends we were still using. Got to sleep around 2 am that night and woke up around 6:30 am to finish priming and getting everything together. We didn't get onto the road until about 1 pm Saturday. We had planned to leave at 6 am. So we were about 7 hours behind schedule. We drove for 8 hours, and only managed to make it to Macon, GA. Why? The truck couldn't go over 60 without shaking horribly. The alignment was all off, and was pretty much a horror for my husband to drive. So we drove slowly.

By the way, at this point, hubby and I were running off of about 8 hours of sleep each, but split up between two nights. We were exhausted. We wanted nothing more than to sleep...Unfortunately, we knew we needed to be on the road early the next morning because if we weren't we would have to stop for another night somewhere, and we simply did not have money for that. So we got to sleep around 10:30 pm and woke up around 3am to be on the road by 4am. Which was followed by 16 hours of driving to make it to the in laws house. The worst part, was being in separate cars, we weren't able to talk and keep each other awake. We couldn't even call and talk on the phone for long because hubby seriously didn't feel comfortable driving the 16ft moving truck with one hand. Thankfully, I had my mom and friends to call and they all helped me make the 16 hours driving on barely any sleep. It made for a very fun trip (note the sarcasm).

Thankfully, we made it safely, and are getting acclimated to our new home. We have been trying to set it up, but it's going rather slowly. Especially since there are other things that are a bit more pressing - like getting new drivers licences, and running errands to make sure we have all the things we need. For instance, we didn't have enough room for our clothes and had to run out and buy some plastic bins. Now, I have things I need to do with my SIL for her wedding. Then we have the two of us running around trying to find jobs so we have at least some income to pay the bills we still have (car, cell phone, hopefully health insurance very shortly). So things are a bit hectic and this is the first I'm writing in quite a while. Definitely feels good to be doing this again. Now, I just need to find some time to work on all this.

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