Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Official!!

We are moving to Michigan!!!!

A lot of thought and prayer went into this decision. We had quite of bit of things to think about as we were making this decision, but we had a very short window of time in which to make it. We talked to family, we discussed our options. A lot went into this decision and we did not make it lightly.

A huge factor in this decision was health. Mainly my husbands. Where we live and work right now, he is constantly getting sick. Over the summer, it was really bad and they were considering that it might be cancer. Thankfully it isn't cancer. They finally figured out what was causing him to get so sick, which is wonderful. He has something called sarcoidosis. However, the treatment (not cure, just treatment) is steroids, which destroy the immune system. That would be fine, if we didn't live in one of the biggest vacation spots in the world. It wouldn't even be that big of a deal if we didn't also WORK in one of the biggest vacation spots in the world. It wouldn't even be so horrible, if MY job didn't deal with CHILDREN who come to one of the biggest vacation spots in the world.

All the germs and bacteria that come to us in central Florida don't come from just nearby. They come from places all around the country, all around the world... It's rare to not be sick to begin with. Yet, with a compromised immune system, even taking vitamin C in addition to the meds isn't really enough to keep him healthy. Especially not with the dosage he is on. With that, comes some difficulties in making it to work. With everything going on with his health, he keeps getting sick. No wonder considering everything he is being exposed to!!!

Then there are family matters. Family health issues to be more exact. This past summer, his father was diagnosed with leukemia (at least so my husband tells me). With all of the stuff going on with my husband as wel as the stuff going on with his father, it really is the best option for us at this time.

Unfortunately, it also means running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to pack and get everything organized for the move!

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