Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy and Funny

So some pretty great turn of events for a dear friend of mine and a pretty funny story to share. Or at least my husband got a good laugh at it anyway.

First off, my husband and I were getting some cleaning done today. He took out the vacuum and was vacuuming while I did a few other random things. He is in charge of the vacuum. I can't seem to do it. I never had carpet to vacuum growing up, let alone a pet to have pet hair all over. The first pet I got was when I was 15 and we lived in a house that was all tile and laminate. No need to know how to vacuum. We had brooms and a swifter.

Recently, while my husband was not feeling well, I decided I would vacuum. I have been trying to get better at the domestic side of things and overall it has been okay. Still horrible at some things but I slowly feel as though I am improving. Thought it could all be in my head.

So I vacuumed and put it away and everything.Today my husband pulls it out and is vacuuming. A while later I hear him shout "there we go!" I was a bit puzzled but thought maybe our new vacuum had gotten a bit clogged up or something and it started working again. I really don't understand the vacuum. As I'm sitting in the bedroom with laundry he comes in and asks me if I adjusted the height setting. I'm confused. There's a height setting on a vacuum?

I'm telling him I didn't. That I don't even know what he is talking about. So he shows me. Turns out, what I thought was something to determine how powerfully the vacuum is sucking, changes the height. It lifts the vacuum up higher so that if you have a high pile it is not crushing it. Or something like that. He got a good laugh at my expense and I got to feel foolish at my feeling all domesticated when I still don't understand how to work a vacuum.

Now, I am determined to learn how to use that thing so he can't laugh at me again. Okay, probably not. But q girl can dream!

In other news, a very dear friend of mine just got engaged!! I am so incredibly happy for her and wish her all the best!!! She is a beautiful woman, and has been one of the strongest influences in my life. She is my sister in Christ and has helped me through so many things over the last 11 years (wow has it been that long already?). We met at summer camp when we were 12 and have stayed in touch ever since Congratulations Hillary!!! 3G!! I love you so much!!!

Now to go off and listen to Fingerprints of God

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