Sunday, July 10, 2011

Something on My Mind...

:Lately I've been thinking a lot about some of the things that people question about God. Most specifically, the age old question
Can God create a rock so heavy that God can't pick it up?"

Well, I think all my thinking about it has lead me to an answer...

When we think about God, we often place restriction on what God is able to do, based on the laws of earthly physics! There is a quote I remember from high school when I went to youth group. I can't quite remember the full story, but it was about how God is not something or someone that can fit in a box. God can't be put in the box because well, he made the box. I always thought of it afterwards like this:

God can't be put in a box. because He is in the box, out of the boc and IS the box!

So when you think about it, God is not bound by earthly restrictions! Although I personally believe He could be if He wanted to be.

So, in truth, I believe that God COULD make a rock that He can't move. However, I believe that it would only be because he applies certain laws of physics to himself for that moment in time, and then can later change those laws for Himself again. Sounds complicated. I agree. However, it makes sense to me. After all, we say that God can do the impossible? Why can't he bend the laws of physics for himself? I could be wrong, but if God made those laws and created them, why can't he change them? Jesus walked on water which defied the laws of physics. Why would lifting a rock be any different?

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Benjamin said...

The question is really more about logic than physics, but I like the God who can do the impossible libe of thought.

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