Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Interesting Conversation About Modesty With a Guy (Part 3)

This time, I spoke with a cousin, who was once a pastor in the church I grew up in. We were a worldwide church with many congregations. To not get anyone in trouble, I will NOT share the name of the church in case this gets back to anyone (unless my cousin tells me its cool). This conversation took a comedic twist, because well, my cousin has a good sense of humor. Both he and his wife are two of the most amazing and friendly people I know, and they love to just make people laugh and have a good time. So here is how guy#3 responded...

When I first showed him the picture I used in my last post, his response was "NO FAIR!! Why, he finds it highly attractive the way a girls skirt can fall over her booty.

"so i would find the top ones hotter because i have a weird anti-trash block on my eyes."
I love how he can be silly in a serious conversation but also show something that is really important. In a way, when we wear short shorts or we dress and act in a way that is... immodest (I'm leaving the term vague here on purpose) it can come off a bit trashy. Not because of anything in particular, but because of our attitude. Our attitude can show our intentions, and when our intentions are not pure... well, it can be trashy. Especially to a good Christian guy.

In response to the difference between shorts and skirts his words were:

full length skirts that hug one's tush can do quite a bitand i've seen modest short shorts that don't cameltoe

One thing he did say, and this is a man coming from a Puerto Rican family, is that "it's not fair for our more curvy sisters because bean poles can wear a wider variety and appear modest." I agree with this whole heartedly. Even at my smallest, I was much curvier than other girls my height and age. It is a huge hassle sometimes. Something that looks modest on someone else can look rather trashy on me.

He also said something that I thought was good. He said, it's not just about skirts good and pants bad, its about our intentions and motives behind everything. He one time met a woman wearing a burqa and could still see her curves and found her physically attractive. No matter what we do, guys are gonna stare, but we can try to make it easier on them.

At this point, our conversation veered towards other things that were more family related, but he left me with a lot of good thoughts and things to pray about. Always a good thing.

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