Monday, June 6, 2011

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As I take a break from sitting by myhusband in the hospital to work on some laundry, I decided to hop on the computer and do more research on the whole skirts v pants. I've pretty much made up my mind that I prefer skirts (mostly). I find them far more comfortable and I feel like I'm better able to focus on God and being a godly woman when I am wearing skirts. Why? Well let me explain...

When I wear pants I find myself more concerned with how my bottom looks than how I am behaving. Not that I want peopel staring at my backside, but I have to worry about whether my pants are hugging too tightly, or if they come down too low in the back etc. Yes, the too low issue can arise with skirts as well, but at least it's only one thing to worry about, rather than many.

When discussing with some family members and even some friends, many of them point out to me the same argument "but whether or not Christian women should be allowed to wear pants gets into legality, and that was done away with when Jesus died on the cross for us." Well, Jesus, a man without sin, DID die on the cross, so that we may all have a shot at everlasting life. He died so we may be forgiven. I strongly believe that. However, if we are to be true disciples of Christ, shouldn't we follow Him and emulate Him in all we do? If so, then we SHOULD look to the old laws for GUIDANCE. Obviously, his commandment that we should LOVE is the greatest, and we should apply all of that to the laws. For instance, I wouldn't recommend stoning anyone to death for breaking a law. Why? God has shown us forgiveness, so we should do the same to others. It is showing them an act of love, is it not?

Well, in my research I cam across some other sites, with some pretty interesting stuff on how Christian's too often pick and choose what to believe from the Hebrew Scriptures (saying old makes me feel as though we are saying its outdated and it really isnt!).

What About Women Wearing Pants

This next one argues against the idea that women should wear skirts only and makes some very valid points. I have to say, that I find this interpretation interesting, as they do not delve into the Greek of the phrase katastole, But rather the Hebrew word for man used in Deuteronomy 22:5!

Acts Eighteen

The author does make an error in describing why women started wearing pants though. She states it is because they were more comfortable and functional, which is not entirely true. Women started wearing pants while working in fields far before WWII, but that is when the explosion took off. As women, taking on tasks that were traditionally deemed manly (flying, working in factories etc.)found that skirts could not protect them, and would not keep their undergarments from showing easily.

This next guy is pretty strict, but he does make some interesting points :-)

=>Clothing and Modesty

This next one really hits the nail on the head, for me at least, and I think she made a great point!

Fearlessly Feminine

Well thatsall for now, need to get back to the hospital to be with thehubby. They said he will probably be discharged this afternoon is all goes well! It will be so great for the two of us to be back home, I'm so excited!!

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