Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sick Family and House Buying

Hubby and I are both sick right now. I have had this horrible chest congestion cold since Monday. Hubby just woke up again this morning with yet another stomach flu. Definitely not fun. What's even worse is trying to get the house back in order after having been on vacation. But we are trucking through. Or at least doing our best to do so. But I have been busy thinking about the items I realy want to post!

First off, I have been researching the Book of Ruth using some of the books I still have left from my Judaic Studies classes. I havent had a lot of time to research on the internet, but the interpretations of the book of Ruth are very... interesting and really makes you think about things that go on in the book in another manner entirely!

Also, we are putting down the last of the deposit on the house we want to build. It's not a big house, and it doesnt really have a huge amount of land. But it is in our price range, and, being new, comes with warranties on pretty much everything, which is a huge relief for a young couple buying their first home. The lot size is small, but we also are very excited about having a backyard and a garage. We both like to have an organized home (though you wouldn't know it if you saw the state of our house right now), and having the ability to change what we want as far as shelving and cabinets to make the house work for us is going to be a huge blessing. Living in an apartment, we can't just change things around like we could in a house, so thi is going to be a major improvement for us. As long as everything goes well, of course. We still have to get that last deposit in sometime today and hope that all those well with the loan and the building of the house. As this is Florida, and the house will be built in not only our "rainy" season, but in the middle of Hurrican season - anything can happen. So as long as everything goes well it looks like we will be moving into a house of our own sometime in October.

For right now though, I need to rest my body so I can get better so that I can take better care of my very sick, yet very wonderful, Hubby.

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