Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Green Update

The hubby has finally started to use paper towels less! It's a huge thing considering he grabs one for just about everything. Even if its a small water spill he would grab one. Haha. Even I would grab one! I think placing them under the counter and not in a spot that we both see all day long has helped a lot. With them out of sight, it takes just as much effort, if not more effort, to grab a paper towel than to grab a washcloth!! I can't help but daydream about the money it will save us in the long run!

As I write this I';m sitting at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge enjoying the view of the torrential downpour that Orlando has been desperately needing. So we are sitting down with our sodas and enjoying the view. Okay, so he is enjoying the view and I'm just reading stuff on my phone. But it's still some togetherness time!

1 comment:

Neola said...

Ours are under the cabinet too and since moving there we use a washrag for everything because we simply forget it's there. Thankfully the paper towels were given to us or I'd feel a little bad about the wasted money. :/ But huzzah! Green!

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