Thursday, May 12, 2011

Princess Athena

Lately, our older cat has become much more affectionate with me and my husband. She was his cat before he and i ever met and she used to never come up to me. when he and i met, he had two cats, Eros and Athena. Athen is about 5 years old now, and Eros would be 4, but unfortunately he passed away just shortly after the 2010 new year. So a fwe weeks after we had to put him down, we adopted the one we affectionately call "my cat."

Ever since we got "my cat" (whose name is actually Haley), there has been a big change in Athena. At first she hated Haley, which was to be expected, and they used to fight. A LOT. We've had Haley for about a year now, and the change in Athena is incredible. First off, she has become a lot more affectionate towards me and my husband. While she was always very affectionate towards Chris, she has become even more so lately. She has even started "posing" for pictures, which is a pretty BIG deal for me since I LOVE taking pictures.

So first up, we have a picture of Athena that I took just this morning. She was sitting on the ironing board I had out because I was working on some sewing yesterday afternoon and just never got around to putting it away.

Next up,we have a picture of Athena and her Daddy cuddling on the couch. This was taken as a color picture, but playing around with it, I liked the way it looked in black and white a bit better.

Athena is our princess. She is the one who will never be got cleaning herself in akward positions in front of people. She has those perfect little dainty steps, and is just overall very prim and proper. Very much unlike her mama and sister (but more about that later).

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