Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I haven't been able to really update my blog much due to being on vacation with my family. As much fun as I am having with them, I am really missing the whole being able to write for writings sake side of blogging. So right now I'm sitting at breakfast with my family and just thinking about how much I would love to be studying the book of Ruth. Ever since mothers day I have not been able to get that sermon about Naomi's influence on Ruth and Ruth being in Christ's lineage despite being a Moabite. So since then I have been wanting to do a Bible study on it but am failing miserably with all the family stuff going on. So hopefully when I get home I will be able to get started on that. It actually prompted me to do a whole Bible Study series on women of the Bible.... I guess we will see if I can get started on this when I get home. But that wont be until about June.

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