Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Off in LaLa Land

No. Not Demi Lovato's LaLa Land. Unfortunately, I have been really busy for the last month and I haven't had time to write. And I can say that I myself felt very different the entire time. I felt so much more stressed, and like I HAD to share my opinion constantly with people and I couldnt just let a conversation go. So I think I'm going to have to make more of an effort to continue being better about writing on here so that I DON'T continue going crazy. Well, to be fair for the last two or three weeks the hubby and I have had a lot going on.

April 20th we went to a wedding for some fellow cast members we know. It was a very simple affair on the beach, but very nice. I was never great friends with either of them, but the bride felt she was close enough to chris to invite him, and since he and I are married, had to invite me. We had a lot of fun, and got to catch up with some friends that got married about a year ago and are expecting their first child and buying a house. While the hubby and I are not tryingfor a child (not that we wouldn't welcome one with open arms if something were to happen we just are not really trying for one either) we are shopping for a house. So getting to talk to another couple who is approximately at the same place in their relationship as we are was great.

So in addition to house hunting, we have also been trying to downsize a bit. We have a lot of random things in our apartment that we are trying to get rid of and clear out. Trying to make us feel like we have more room. Since most houses have smaller living rooms than we have right now (at least the houses we can afford) so we want to make sure we can get everything we need into a home and still have room for children (whenever they happen). We did find a house we liked down in Haines City, but we are waiting until we can talk to the main sales lady that works there to make sure we are getting the deal we need to get to make the house affordable.

This month coming up is also getting to be pretty hectic. With all the family coming into town, we have a total of about 11 days where we have no family in town, and most of those day will be spent working. Although I did get a Sunday off, which will be very nice. I'll be able to go to church and have a real Sunday. Maybe I'll even see if Neola, Ryan and I can get together or something. Even if it involves going to church and grabbing a bite to eat together after. I don't know, will have to talk to them and see. They may say no in the end. Who knows?

All I know is that I have been busy. Very busy. And I have been sick. Physically ill and I have been exhausted. And busy. So the combination has left me just completely drained. Which is tough when you have family in town and will have family in town for pretty much the entire month. It's going to be a lot of fun, but VERY draining.

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Neola said...

Sorry things have been stressing you lately. As for the getting on people about their opinions I know exactly what you mean. I've been butting heads with Joe every day I've been home with one debate or another which has sparked some desire to truly debate again. Yesterday he even tried to argue that indifferent wasn't an emotion, lol. He just hasn't learned the part where you don't call someone stupid for their take on a question - still working with him on that one.

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