Friday, April 22, 2011

Sex and Fashion (Part Three)

So, as I continue through my journey of women's fashion and how our objectification as objects of lust, I have to make a big disclaimer. SOME WOMEN LIKE TO BE VIEWED AS SEXY AND WANT MEN LUSTING AFTER THEM. And, I have to say, if thats what they want then fine. Kudos for them! I know I'm definitely NOT that comfortable with my own husband checking me out in public, let alone complete strangers. Some people enjoy it though and I have to say, if thats what they want, then more power to them.

However, what about those who are not comfortable with people checking us out, and while we wouldn't turn away the occasional stare, don't want everything hanging out? What about those of us who were taught about the subtle art of seduction? Of leaving a person wanting more? What about those of us who just simply want a little more coverage in our clothes for WHATEVER reason? I have friends with ample bosoms that can't find tank tops that dont show off everything (and in summer its WAY too hot to be wearing a regular tee). I myself am rather large on the bottom so finding shorts can also be an issue, not to mention tees that are long enough to make me feel comfortable are often too tight on the bottom or too big on top.

So when the rest of the world wants to wear and sell sex, what is a modest girl suposed to do for fashion?

I will say, there are a lot of great websites that specialize in modest women's clothing, and most of them are really up to date with fashion trends. However, most of them are completely internet based so you won't be able to try them on before spending the money. Also, the few I found that have actual stores, don't have any near me in Florida. So I'm left still looking at TARGET and WALMART mixed in with a little ROSS and MARSHALLS and any department stores, when I can find the extra cash. I'm also a size 12 or 14 on the bottom, but about an 8 on the top, which means that most sections targeted toward the younger generation DON'T fit because they arent designed for those of us that actually have curves. I have tried on juniors clothes up into size 15 (The largest I usually see) and STILL they don't fit. But the women's cuts are not comfortable because they often come up too high in the waist and are not cut right for my shape.

So when your choices are clothes designed for women much older than you, and clothes that either dont fit or make you feel like EVERYTHING is hanging out, what are your real options?

This has been one of my biggest gripes and one of the big reasons why I find skirts so attractive when it comes to modesty. Do I prefer wearing shorts and not having to worry about the possibility of sitting on the floor, or getting in and out of theme park attractions? Yes! Some of those cars are pretty low to the ground and getting in and out in a skirt can prove problematic.Yet, I'm left with either long capris or super short shorts. Neither of which helps me because one is too hot and the other WAY too short. I did find one pair of shorts in the clearange section of my local BJS WHOLESALE CLUB. They reach down longer than most shorts so that helps a lot with not wanting to show my butt to the world.But sadly, This is a rare find, and definitely NOT the norm.

Of course thinking about all this, makes me want to watch Drop Dead Diva and her fight against stores not carrying plus sized clothing.

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