Monday, April 18, 2011

Denominations and Faith

Neola recently took a bunch of quizzes and surveys about faith. I took one of them to really look at where I landed on the spectrum according to these sources. Well, it was rather interesting to see to be perfectly honest, but I also can't really say I was very surprised at the results.

The first one I took was called Belief-O-Matic There was only one real surprise, and the test did say that it wasn'treally supposed to be used as an accurate measure of whether you should join a faith, just that there were a lot of matches according to what you answered. So here were those results:

  1. Baha'i Faith:100%

  2. Orthodox Judaism: 98%

  3. Reform Judaism:98%

  4. Islam:94%

  5. Liberal Quakers:91%

  6. Jainism: 87%

  7. Orthodox Quaker:85%

  8. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants:80%

  9. Sikhism:76%

  10. Unitarian Universalism: 73%

The list goes on, but I'm only including the first 10 of 27. The fact that forms of Judaism ranked rather high on my list does not surprise me in any way since a lot of my growing faith occurred while I was taking my Judaic studies classes. What did surprise me is the amount of islamic faiths that I seem to match up with. I was definitely NOT expecting that.

I think we should always challenge our faith. Read things that may not always be in line with what we believe, and learn how to refute those. Our faith should be something that is constantly growing and changing as our faith grows and deepens. Faith isn't something we should just blindly accept. We should question our faith and then go out and find the answers to our questions. We may not always like the answers we find, but we should still look for them and search for them. If we don't, then we really arent excercising our faith, and are allowing it to become crippled. Our faith NEEDs to be excercised so it can grow strong. So we can be strong in our faith.

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