Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Inspiration

One of the blogs I read is Chocolate on My Cranium. The author is a beautiful, faithful woman who belongs to the church of Latter Day Saints. Despite not being a part of this church, I find much to enjoy reading on her blog, and am often inspired by her beautiful prose. She recently posted an entry on smiling, and I read the entire article from which the post originated. An absolutely touching read, that really made me want to refocus my priorities.

The article is titled Get the Spirit of God and Keep It. The sentiments in it really made me think, and I think this is something I could get used to looked at every week. Now, these articles do have a distinct LDS ideology, but one with which I find very comforting when discussing family and the role of everyone within the family.

Two portions really touched me. One was the Editorial Note on smiling. It really hit me hard, and made me question whether or not I really spend much time actually smiling. The other portion that got me thinking, and in many ways feeling like I have been neglecting my duties, is the portion on Household Hints. How I am to be a helpmate to my husband. I very strongly believe this. I strongly believe that my job should be to make our home a sanctuary so that when he can truly feel peace when he is at home. I know I have been neglecting this portion of my duties, and this really made me question whether or not I am truly being a good wife and helpmate to him.

Like I said, it gave me a lot to think about, and I'm hoping this will help me to prioritize my life a bit better than I have been doing.

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