Thursday, January 10, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

Wow! Got to be honest. I'm really touched and sort of confused at the same time. My dear friend Katie, from over at Confessions of a Southern Fashionista, nominated me for something called a Liebster Award. I had NO clue what it was. Thankfully, in her post where she nominated everyone she explained a bit about it. :-)You can read her explanation here.

There are a few simple rules to understanding the Liebster Award.

  1. It's an award for blogs with less than 200 followers. The idea is to introduce people to smaller blogs, that don't really have much of a following yet.
  2. In order to accept a nomination you are supposed to answer some questions that are asked by the person who nominated you.(I'll get to those in a minute)
  3. You are also supposed to nominate 11 other bloggers.

Not too difficult. Just a bit frustrating when you aren't sure you even know 11 other small bloggers, and I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to nominate her back?

Yep, just checked. I can't nominate her back....

Oh well, guess I'll have to do the best I can!

  1. Who's your favorite fashion designer?
  2. This one has to be the hardest for me. Not because I don't care about fashion. That's not it at all. I just don't know many designers except for the basics of what you can pick up at Macy's or other department stores. I'm generally more a thrift store, Ross, Marshall's kinda gal. I shop discount stores. So, this question is kind of hard for me. I like a classic look... and as anyone who reads my blog and knows me, I love modest looks. For instance, I love Blair on Gossip Girl. Her choices are feminine and beautiful and she rarely wears anything that is super indecent (well, except for when she is in the boudoir of course). But I prefer Vanessa's more relaxed, comfy and ready for anything FEEL. Maybe Katie should help me out with this....I'm Miranda and Charlotte. Classic, basic, and feminine. lol
  3. What's your favorite color?
  4. blue. just about any shade of blue too. That was easy. NEXT!
  5. Gold or Silver?
  6. hmm... white gold. or silver. :-P I just dont care for yellow gold. IT does NOT complement my skin told that well. LoL
  7. If you won the lottery would you spend the money, save it, or both?
  8. Well, I'd set aside the appropriate amount for taxes, pay off the car, pay off student loans, buy an inexpensive second car, maybe a small house(something under 100 grand) and then let the rest sit for a while. Save it, and work on making improvements to the small house we just paid for with cash. The rest would be saved for various things... a vacation fund, a fully funded emergency fund and some investments for the future. Wow. Okay, I've been reading a little too much Dave Ramsey....
  9. If you had to live in any other decade, which would it be and why?
  10. Oh, this is a good one. Especially since, if I lived in another decade, I probably wouldn't have been able to marry my husband because of the whole being hispanic and not looking super white thing, and I would have to have money in this time period... Edwardian, early 1900s to the 19-teens. i LOVE the fashion and the elegance....
  11. Who's your fashion icon?
  12. I don't think I really have one... But I will say that i think Kate Middleton always looks fabulous. There's few celebrities whose closets i would feel comfortable mimicking, but she is one. I do like a lot of what Katie Holmes wears as well.
  13. What's your favorite hobby?
  14. Honestly, surfing the web :-) but I also love reading, video games, and learning of any kind
  15. If money was no object, where would you travel in the world?
  16. Probably...Europe. I'd want to see all of Europe. I'd want to travel to Germany and eat REAL German good. I want to go to England and see shows air on BBC the day they come out rather than having to wait until they are online or BBC America... Oh! and Ireland! I would love to visit Ireland! Oh but above All those....I would want to travel to Israel. I want to visit the Jordan River, and Bethlehem. I would love to also to missionary work there... Specifically work that is done to foster peace between Israeli and Palestinian youth as a way to help grow feelings of friendship and love across the borders, rather than feelings of hate and hostility.
  17. iPhone, Droid, or Blackberry?
  18. Well... I have an iphone. and I do enjoy it... but I'd be happy with anything my husband got me.
  19. If you could only live in one city for the rest of your life, would it be NYC, Paris, or Milan?
  20. NYC. The idea of walking everywhere or taking trains strongly appeals to me if I couldn't live a bit more out in the country.
  21. Which show inspires your fashion choices more, SATC or GG?
  22. Hmmm.. This is tough. I would say... SATC. It's been on for so long and I actually remember seeing the 4 of them in magazines growing up... It's just sort of what I grew up with. GG is fun and cute and I Love the clothes... but it's not the same for me.

Wow! Some of those were not easy for me!

So without further ado, I will nominate a few blogs myself... since I don't have the full 11... I am going to add to the list as I find more I feel I can nominate. :-)

  • Hillary, at A Captivated Life She's brilliant and doesn't write much because she's currently studying. Divinity School! I'm so proud of her!
  • Emily, at My Sweet Life Again, she doesn't blog often, but I love her, so I forgive her.
  • Traci, at Wisdom of the Narrow Road I thought she had a different blog, but now I can't find it, and she just started this one

Unfortunately that's all I can think of for now. Got to go find some more!

Now for my questions...

  1. What is your favorite book and why?
  2. Do you use HTML code when you write your blog, or just let blogspot or wordpress fill it all in for you?
  3. What has been one of your most life changing moments?
  4. What would your dream job be?
  5. Who is one of the most important role models in your life, and why?
  6. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?
  7. Who is your favorite musical composer?(and I would never have though of this question if I wasn't with my hubs)
  8. What tv show is currently your favorite?
  9. What has been your favorite vacation?
  10. What are your goals for the new year?
  11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (it can be something as simple as natural hair color to something more extensive)

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