Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm a Bad Blogger

I've been really bad about blogging. Honestly, I have no excused except that I don't really feel as though I have the time to actually invest in something like this. But that's okay. This blog is really for me, and maybe for a few random family members and friends that want to keep up to date with what's going on in my life. So it's really not a bad thing that I'm terrible at keeping up with blogging.

Things have been pretty quiet as of late. Hubs decided to go back to school, so we are waiting for his financial aid so we know if he can start this fall semester, or if he will have to wait till spring.

I did currently finish reading Created to be His Helpmeet by Debi Pearl. Overall, a lot of beautiful wisdom within those pages. However, I often found that she generalized men. For instance, she talks about women having long hair, and how men find that a turn on. Now, I'm not going to outright say that my husband hates long hair on me. because he doesn't. He thinks it looks nice. However, he loves when I have a layered bob. Neither hair style does anything to turn him on, but he does love seeing me when I have short hair. I'm sure she would say that I should listen to him and wear my hair shorter, if that is what he likes, but I felt that she didnt WRITE about that.

I find a lot of women who write about submission, specifically biblical submission, often forget the part about how each man wants something different in a wife. Not just because of the type of man they are (command, visionary or steady according to Pearl), but because they all have different likes and dislikes. My husband would hate if I wore NOTHING but skirts. He loves seeing me in pants and capris and even shorts. And who am I to deny him the pleasure, if that's what he likes?

She also writes on the dangers of women's bible studies and how they create a sort of lesbianism (is that even a real word??) in women. An emotional bond with other women, that is replacing the bond with husband. I belong to a women's bible study. Why? My husband pushed me to join. He wanted me to find friends and people to spend time with OUTSIDE OF OUR MARRIAGE. Not because he wants me to cheat on him, but because he knows his wife is a talkative, social butterfly, that will drive him positively insane if she didn't have some outlet to talk about the random things she is fascinated by... and the list is rather extensive... So extensive, that I fear that if any one friend knew all my crazy interests, they would find me insane and think I'm crazy. Well, I am, but I dont need everyone i know THINKING i am. :-P

The ones I've been working on the most lately have been my gardening and homemaking. Gardening.... well it was a bit of a failure... I'm not going to lie. But i think it was a great start. I think next year we need to try different plants. We couldnt eat the peppers in time. They all came in at once, and then went bad before we could use them all. So that was kind of sad, but I'm sure if we pick our plants more carefully next summer, things will go better. We had a bit more of a "plant it and see if it grows" mentality this year. In homemaking, I'm really working on trying to get our home into a place where things are easier to find, and it's easier to put things back where they belong. It's frustrating, mainly because we live in an apartment so making changes, like adding more cabinets etc, is well... not something we can do.

So that's life in a nutshell for us right now.

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