Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Designer Diapers?

Designer diapers? I felt a little sick to my stomach when I saw how the news was broadcasting this trend. It's not that I mind diapers with fun prints. I minded the way the news tried to discuss this issue. I minded the way the story was covered...

I grew up with a lot of babies. Every time one kid was out of diapers, another kid was born. No, I don't come from a large family. In fact, I've always been a bit sad about the fact that it has only been my brother and me and that I don't have any other siblings. But my mother had plenty of friends who all had kids after my brother was born. My brother was born when I was 4 1/2. I helped change his diapers, and then before he was a year old my mom's best friend had her daughter. Four years later, another little baby. Then, not many years after that, we had two kids born a year and a half apart in my mom's circle of friends. I'm no stranger to diapers. I honestly think the cute little prints on diapers are adorable and fun. Especially when the kid is old enough to know WHO is on their diaper. It becomes fun for them, much like character undies for older children, or undies with fun prints or fabrics for adults.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with underwear with fun prints, as long as we aren't showing them off to everyone. Which was why I was a little upset with the news report. A few of their statements as to why these diapers were great fell along the lines of the following:

  • babies go around most of the time in nothing but a diaper
  • it allows parents who may not be able to afford cute clothes to have a cute alternative to clothes for their kid

Now, I'm totally supportive of fun diapers. After changing diapers for a while, the parent themselves may want to look at a different pattern on the diaper. However, diapers are like underwear. I don't see why we should allow children to run around in only diapers if we tell older children (maybe only older by a year or two) NOT to run around in their diapers. It's like telling a 3 year old it's okay to run around your back yard naked playing in the sprinklers, but the next summer, forbid them from doing the same thing that was all right the year before. To me, it seems we have a double standard of when it's okay to let your kid run around with nothing on but underwear. Apparently, if it's a designer diaper though, it's perfectly acceptable. I just don't buy into that.

Now, I am saying this as someone with NO kids. Yes, I do realize that sometimes you put the baby in a diaper, and something happens and you have to let them go with only the diaper while you handle something else that popped up. However, I don't believe this should be an every day occurrence. Obviously like when someone is at the door, or you had to attend to another kid, I could understand why a kid is running around in a diaper only. But when you leave the house, when people are over and spending any significant amount of time in your home, I think EVERYONE in the home should be properly clothed. If we want to teach our kids to stay covered, and dress properly, why are we allowing them as babies (sometimes up until age 2 or older) to run around in the equivalent of underwear?

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