Saturday, June 25, 2011

In Case My Last Post Offended...

I want to apologize for my last post. I'm still sorting through a lot of things that I feel in my heart and what goes on in the world around me. Sometimes they come out as word vomit in my blog. My post on homosexuality and gay marriage had a lot of that. I'm working through this and praying about it with God. Sometimes I just need to get it out and see if I can bounce ideas off of others and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

I think it's good to open up the discussion!

I am not gay, but having friends who are, and I believe not by choice, I want the best for them. Gay marriage is legal in my country, and I believe only some unitarian and episcopal churches do them.

I know where the doubt and concern comes from in terms of the Bible, but like you've said, Jesus never said his opinion on it. I just believe gay marriage and polygamy should be legal as love takes form in different forms and it is not me to decide what goes on in people's personal lives.

Just as I think society should accept me, a traditional homemaker who wants a beautiful home and a nice family, I think we should accept each other's differences, as God didn't make us copies of each other!

Great blog by the way! :)

Jennifer said...

"I just believe gay marriage and polygamy should be legal as love takes form in different forms"

That's not Biblical in the least; God makes it very clear how He defines marriage. Jesus didn't speak on the issue, and to me this means He saw no reason to add to anything His Father said on the matter! He is God, so why should He repeat Himself? Does God the Father suddenly not count as much as Jesus? They are One. Moreover, look at how damaged society's gotten with the decline of marriage; this is what happens when we twist things to humanistic levels.

The issue of homosexuals is tough. I believe we need to accept the people without promoting sanctioned unions between them.

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