Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Illogical People?

I got into a discussion with a co-worker today, and I heard a take on something that I found rather interesting. Before, I continue, I want to make it perfectly clear that I do not condone or condemn this thought. I'm merely commenting on the fact that I found this person's point of view interesting. I don't usually discuss politics or religion with people whom I work, but when this comment was said I had to break my usual policy and ask. What I heard was a very interesting way of looking at things...

First, I have many gay and bisexual friends. Strangely enough, I don't know any full out lesbians. Just bisexuals. I totally love all of them and wish them as much happiness as I wish upon anyone else and I do not treat any of them any differently in any way. And what I am about to say I have said to many of my gay and bisexual friends. I do not understand why a woman would want a woman who dressed and acted like a man. I also do not understand why a man would want a man who acted and dressed like a woman. It does not make sense to me. If I wanted to be with a woman, I would want to be with a woman who was soft and feminine.

When I said this in front of my coworker, they quipped "Well, that's because you are looking at it logically. They aren't logiacal."

I have to admit. This confused me, and it's what caused me to break my usualy no politics/religion rule and ask what they meant.Their answer made a lot of logical sense. Although, you can ask anyone, sometimes love just isnt' logical.

From a biological standpoint, we are hardwired to be attracted to those that will produce the best possible offspring. My husband and I recently watched a special about this. It talks about how we are programmed to like certain things.

The special discussed many different topics. Some were basic, like symmetry in a face is considered more beautiful that assymmetrical faces. This is actually because of the fact that good symmetry in a face means that the person has good genes. Good genes that will be passed onto a child. Men are more attractive when they have broad shoulders and strong chins because it shows their masculinity. In fact, studies have shown that women tend to be more attracted to men with these features when closer to ovulation. This is because their body is preparing them on a biological level, to find a male with whom to mate and produce an offspring. A male with more masculine features - hairier bodies, the strong chin, etc.- tends to be a male that has a higher chance of conceiving a child. The woman's body knows this, even if she does not.

Males are also programmed to like certain things in a woman. Things that are considered highly feminine, like rounded faces with a softer jawline, rounded hips that, and an overall curvy figure. They are all signs of femininity and higher levels of estrogen. It's why womens' voices will go higher when they are most fertile, because higher voices = greater feminity = greater fertility. We women may not realize our voices are doing this, and even a guy won't notice it. Studies however prove that there is something in that slightly higher pitched voice that they hear and are attracted to.

From a biological standpoint, there is no logical reason for two women or two men to be together. There is no chance for both partners to be the biological parents of any offspring. One or none can be, but not both. Both being genetically related is possible if they use a brother, or sister depending on the situation. So now I'm wondering from where the biological impulse to be with a person of the same sex comes. Studies have been done for decades trying to decide if homosexuality is brought about through nature or nurture, yet we never seem to get an affirmative answer because every study seems to say something different.

This was something that was brought to my attention today, and I DO NOT KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS. It was just something someone said to me that made me go off on a tangent in my mind about why the things we consider sexy are sexy. I guess a definite answer will elude me until either I meet God face to face and ask Him, or maybe science can find a definitive answer. I wonder which will happen first...

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