Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To Skirt or Not To Skirt... (Part 2)

So, this internal debate stumps me. ALL the time. I've read the blogs and sites devoted to this. I've even read the sermons on the topic. Still I find myself thinking about it instead of doing other things. Like, the growing pile of laundry that I think is finally developing its own sense of awareness. Or the dishes that I know need to be at least put in the dishwasher if I want to have dinner tonight. No, instead I sit at my computer and ponder this issue. I research Christian women for whome I have much respect. I research modest clothing sites and everything else I can find to try to help me figure out the answer to my puzzling question.

Am I supposed to wear skirts and only skirts for the rest of my life now that I have found this out?

When I wear skirts, I feel restrained in some ways - it's not as easy to ride a bike for instance. I often have to wear some stretchy pants under my skirt for modesty sake. Jeans and shorts sure make this a whole lot easier. Skirts have the tendency to fly up and show more than we are planning or would ever want to show off

That's not the hardest part for me though. The hardest part is actually having to look at others around me, loving their sense of fashion, and wondering "will that blouse look nice with a skirt because I love it, but it really works better with a pair of jeans in my opinion..." It's being 23 years old and feeling like an entire part of the fashion world is no longer a viable option after learning what the Bible says and after feeling the liberation that wearing skirts can bring.

Yes, after talking about feeling restricted in skirts I'm talking about feeling liberated in skirts. I feel liberated from the restraints of modern day feminism. I feel like I no longer have to live up to the expectations that are set for women to be driven and want to work and move up in the world. Personally, I'm happiest at home, cooking and cleaning and just being a housewife - though not of the desperate variety. I enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing I look like a woman. I look like the woman God intended for me to be and that brings so much peace of mind. I also find that with modest skirts I no longer have wear men whistling at me as I walk by, because they are not looking at me and seeing SEX!

Now being 23 is probably the hardest part for me because, even though I'm married, society has drilled into me from a very young age that I'm supposed to be young and vibrant and enjoying being young and wearing fashion and buying lots of clothes. Yet, there's not a lot of affordable fashionable modest clothes, let alone skirts, designed for girls my age. I can find tons of things for my young niece, and for my mother and mother in law and grandmothers. But not for my age.

Yes, it's not a good excuse for God. He knows what's in our hearts and He knows whether or not this is something we truly want to do. I personally believe every person is called to do different things. Wearing skirts only may be something some women are called to do and not others. The big question that I keep wrestling with, is "am I called to wear skirts only?"

To skirt or not to skirt? That is the question.


Neola said...

I understand what you mean about struggling with trying to find a way to fit modesty into the styles that are so popular for our age group these days. I know I am not nearly as modest as you are but even I find it a conundrum at times trying to find appropriate summer clothes that won't "fly up" and wearing clothes underneath is just too warm sometimes in this Florida heat and I run colder anyway.

I also feel that the clothes that are in vogue right now are just trashy and a poor excuse to get women to go out and blow their hard-earned money just to have something new and "fashionable" that they think men want to look at because it's splashed all over the media like a bad tabloid story.

I do feel however that a woman can look like a real woman without sacrificing the displays of power that modern feminism brings. I feel like it's important to recognize that even if you don't desire to move up in a corporate setting that you feel like you could if you did want to. It's all about empowerment and what personally empowers you. Some feel it's overly strict business attire, some it can be a hippie throwback outfit from the 70's, and for others it might even be a ratty sports jersey and sweats.

I know we talked about this yesterday a little but I still believe that before any woman makes a personal commitment they have to be sure they are ready and have the proper conviction to follow through for the right reasons. I know you will do whatever you think it right and I will be as supportive as possible. I'll even be sure to wear skirts when we go out as a show of solidarity. Whatever you need hun I'm here. Even for the endless shopping and sewing should you decide to do it. XD

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I haven't really made any decisions one way or the other. I just know I LOVE how I feel when I wear skirts. I feel more feminine, more free. More me.

Your comment about modern feminism really got me thinking and I believe I just got an idea for a new post :-)

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